Remember the quote from the film Glengarry Glen Ross, “ABC …. Always be closing.”



Here at UWZ it’s ABT ….. Always be testing

Initially, we were about sales and marketing automation. Doing everything a Sales Manager can only hope their sales team will do. We’re human, consistently following a mundane, boring process is hard for us. Even when it’s time tested as a working model.

Building automated processes that ensure that no lead ever gets neglected and producing email sequences to educate and engage the leads.

Applying scores to the leads (based on their actions) and filtering the highest scoring leads further down the sales cycle.

At any point knowing which of your leads are the most likely to be buying. With actions being tracked a further benefit is getting to see what’s working best.  Where your advertising budget is well and poorly spent. The content your leads respond best to.

Each step of the buying process can be optimised. Over time it evolves and becomes a huge asset to your company.

With automation set up you’re now in a position to test and make informed decisions on where to spend your marketing budget.  This has allowed us to expand our services based on testing.


When used right, Linkedin is probably the best resource to consistently find, connect with and close leads.

It's not just for recruiting, deals are being proposed and closed all the time. 

It's like being in the biggest networking meeting you could wish for, that's open 24/7.

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It's an invitation to a webinar where you're going to learn a 4 step method to make prospecting on Linkedin a success.

Whether you've never used Linkedin, used it but without success or even if you're bringing business in through it all  the time,  I can highly recommend attending.


  • People are using their phone for calls less and less. The majority of time they are either viewing, typing or taking photos. Typing a message is now second nature for practically everyone.
  • It's discrete and personal in a way the telephone just can't be.
  • Text communication is non-committal and non-threatening.  There's a lot of people out there that aren't comfortable picking up the phone to speak to a stranger.
  • It's a good relationship builder. Extends the relationship each text which builds trust.
  • Text callers never get an engaged tone.  
  • Text callers don't expect an immediate response.  When the phone rings you need to interrupt what you're doing and answer it. Just received a text, finish your task then attend to it. Would your productivity go up?
  • Logs with time stamps and content of messages.
  • Ability to send photos quickly using MMS (USA customers only).  Great for car repair shops (photo of body damage for estimate), Tattoo parlours (can you do a tattoo similar to this), HVAC (send me a photo of your air con unit please) and so many more.
If you're interested in finding out about an email based sms platform where multiple users can  attend to incoming texts click the link below to find out more


 Marketing automation brings benefits to any business.
 Our aim to increase the amount of sales, the number of times an average customer is sold and increase the average amount spent.
 Implementing a strategy to do this takes time. It's an on-going project involving constant implementation and optimization.
 However, done right, it's never an expense but an investment. The financial return always exceeds the cost on an upward trajectory. The further you invest, the more powerful the automation becomes and the greater the returns.
If we can achieve big wins for your business in the first month, the likelihood is you'll want more. You'll invest with us long term and we'll transform your business.
 We guarantee it.
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